ALL PAINTS FLOORING provide a wide range of Flooring & Hygiene Services with over 15 years in the floor paints Industry
Painting & Decorating Division
We also provide a painting & decorating service anywhere in Dublin or surrounding areas for any jobs required in the home as well as any commercial painting contracts for businesses.
Floor Painting Supplies
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2 Pack Solvent-free Expoxy (any colour)
2 Pack Solvent Based Epoxys (any colour)

nti-fungicidal Coatings
2 Pack Water Based Epoxys (all colours)

Antibacterial Coatings
Single Pack Floor Paint (all colours)
Hygiene Floor Coatings

2 Pack Polyeurethane (any colour)
2 Pack Primers and Top Coats

Road Marking Paints
Line Marking Paints

Floor Sealers
All Industrial Paints
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